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Chapter Officer Application
Attached is the 2019-2020 Northwest Chapter Officer Application. Please be aware an official transcript and 2 letters of recommendation must accompany this application.

The application is due with an up to date official transcript, 2 letters of recommendation, and a video speech as to why you should be elected an officer on April 26th by 4:00PM to Mrs. Reid or Ms. Nimmo. 

May 1st at 4:30 pm all students applying are required to take a test over their FFA knowledge and complete a personal interview. Students will be required to be in Official FFA Dress for the interview and test. If the student does not have Official Dress please speak with an AST and other arrangements can be made.

Popular vote for the Chapter Officer Candidates will take place on April 30th during class. We will show your video during class and students will use a paper ballot.

If you have any questions regarding the Chapter Officer Application or Selection Process please contact Mrs. Reid or Ms. Nimmo.


2020-2021 Officer Application Maegan Nimmo 3/6/2020 184 KB



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